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Face Reading - An Art
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Very often without a reason we look at the people and we normally look at their face, its all about dumb face, smart face, fair face, dull face, small face, big face charming face but very rare smiling face, guess people some times forget that even they can smile …

While we look at the person and their face we just try to analyze the personality, if some one beautiful we try and look at again and again till its possible to see him or her, by way of showing our interest that I like you, and the other person does the same in the process and can also get the message across after all he or she is also human we all think a like the same …

In to the second thought process very few get in to the science of face reading and most of the people just forget the face and again busy finding out some other face as it's natural to we humans ……

Now if we talk about the very few analytical face readers they get in to the details specially for people around them and as a part of expressing their views on the person they does it ….. well in my case if I talk about the same, I have started this God gifted art 7 years back when one of my friend send me the picture of her fiancé to ask that weather this guy is perfect for her or not, and in return I made my comments saying answer No don't get in to the marriage process with this guy, she does that and down the line after few years she come to know that the same guy got married and divorced also coz of his nature, and what ever I had commented on his nature that really came out.

I have handled few friends and relatives cases on the same I almost I use to get 90 to 95% success on my judgments about their face reading. This made me think of doing it as a hobby to help and support other needy human. I believe that no book can teach you how to read the face its all about God gift and years of experience.

I feel that as far as its possible in life, we must help others without any expectations in return. Do all good work results will come automatically to you as a reward. All mighty God is there and he is keeping a record of each seconds of every human on this earth.

If you believe the same than these are the Golden words, if you don't than its just a one page print out you can take as back side of that print is blank so u can do your rough work on it.

- Face Reading Guru

  This is face reading. Face Reading Analysis Report.
  Face Reading will coming soon
  Face Reading will coming soon
  Face Reading will coming soon
  Face Reading will coming soon

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