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Social Media Marketing to Boost Your Business

Thursday, May 14th, 2009
by Ann

With everyone around elucidating it, Social Media Marketing seems to have emerged as the latest ‘catchphrase’. For instance, almost all marketing professionals of the day talk about the success of Barak Obama’s social media approach with admiration. This phenomenon has even left the business owners mesmerized and they now want to know how they can exploit the concept of social media marketing to achieve greater results.


In fact, the issue has gained such prominence among the business owners that they keep asking if marketing on the social media websites would enable them to establish new enterprises. If I am to give my personal opinion on this, the answer is a definite ‘Yes’.


Now, let me justify my belief. I am of the view that a marketing policy alone does not yield any Return on Investment (ROI). In fact, one would hardly find any genuine data supporting the fact that a Chevrolet, or for that matter any other car, advertisement at a NBA match have led to sufficient sales to dub the commercial useful. Nevertheless, several auto firms such as the Audi, Budweiser, Chevrolet and others spent several thousand dollars to exhibit their brands before millions of NBA spectators despite the global economic slump! The most pertinent question here is why these companies should spend their ‘marketing’ dollars in NBA commercials if it did not yield any ROI.

Article Writing and Submission Tips For the Writer

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
by Sck

By Chris Kennelly

A problem will arise if you write your article like a sales or marketing brochure, as it will most likely to be rejected by the directory or directories you have selected for article submission because of that very reason.

As mentioned, when writing an article the writer is subject to certain rules and regulations, which will inevitably affect the article submission process. When your article is viewed by editors or potential readers do not want to be bombarded with useless sales information that they are not interested in, they would rather prefer professional and helpful information that may help them. Therefore one should keep your sales information on your website in your web content. By attempting to submit this type of sales copy will result in the article being rejected.

Stick to the subject that you are providing for your reader, leave your links for the resource area of your article, where it belongs, this is one of the main reasons that articles are rejected, there are to many people that lay links in the body of the article which results in the article being rejected. Stay with your desired subject and what you intend to convey to your readers, you will have a better chance of enticing the reader to come through to your website if you provide valuable useful information that can serve as a reference to your expertise in that field. Within the article submission process, by retaining focus and professionalism allows for fewer potential problems to creep in and the chance of publication is increased.

Once you have your written work and are preparing for article submission, there are certain processes and formats that you should keep in mind. Some directories require that a specific format be utilised or article submission is done through a specific software program. The following general tips should help when submitting your article to the directories.

Before submitting please familiarize yourself with all criteria pertaining to the specific directory, this will avoid any misunderstandings or frustration later on in the article submission process.

Pay attention to the editorial guidelines as published by the directory, once again to avoid disappointment of going through the article submission process and then not having the article published. Editorial content of your article should not be plagiarized; there are online tools to assist with this, one that springs to mind is copyscape. The article should not contain direct sales or marketing messaging, it should not promote racial or religious hate or persecution, and definitely no pornographic or adult material content. Correct structure and simple punctuation rules should be followed. These are just a few basic tips for you in article submission; rather establish the exact requirements so that you are fully aware of the processes.

Although the article submission process sounds fairly comprehensive, once you get used to the rules and required format, it becomes second nature, as they say practice makes perfect. Take the time and make the effort to correctly formulate and structure your article prior to submitting to ensure both smooth submission and publication of your article.

I hope your enjoyed this article.

Talkinmince Article submission and resources can be a valuable marketing tool, the site is devised to assist you. Submit your articles to TalkinMince or find out more at Talkinmince Article Blog

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Making the Most of Information Product Marketing

Monday, September 1st, 2008
by Sck

Author: Fred S Gleech

I’m Fred Gleeck, and in my 25 years in Information Marketing I’ve learned that marketing information products is equal parts ART and SCIENCE. When you’re in (or trying to break into) the field of information product marketing, there are many areas to be addressed. In my seminars and workshops I teach that promotion of any product is dependent upon addressing all of these areas thoroughly in order for your product to find a maximum audience.
First and foremost, it is imperative for an info product marketer to have a website. Without a website, you have no place to tell people about your product or service and convince them to buy. You must also have a system to run the “back-end” of your business. I use a program called WebMarketing Magic. It takes care of the essentials that every information product marketer must have, including a shopping cart, an auto-responder system, a device to track your advertising, a client management system, and a number of other essentials.
Information product marketing also requires that you have a product to service or sell. This could be anything from an ebook to an audio or video, a teleseminar, or anything else where you would share your knowledge and expertise with others. So there you have it, the three essentials you must have: a website, a system to sell information, and the info products themselves.
The art of the business is different. By art, I refer to the small and distinctive touches that you add to your information marketing business. In my own case, I provide people insight into myself and my life via regular emails. Information marketers often forget that they are dealing with real people and not robots. Those real people who buy from you want to know a little bit about who you are and what you’re about.
I will also, on occasion, call people on the phone who order my information products. They are often shocked when I do this. As one who has been in the information product marketing business for awhile, I know this is rare. These last two items, sending out regular emails with personal details and calling people who order, fall under the “art” category. Not many info product marketers do this, and it makes you different, unique, and real.
Anyone who is in the business of marketing and selling info products would be well advised to understand that the business is BOTH an art and a science. Keep that in mind as you put your own information product marketing business together. It will serve you well to do so.

Article Source:

About the Author:
Fred Gleeck is a well-known and highly-esteemed information marketer. He creates markets and sells  books ,  ebooks , audios, videos, seminars and software to a variety of niche markets. Fred has been in the information marketing business for over 25 years.

Elements of a good logo - business branding

Thursday, August 28th, 2008
by Sck

They come in so many different shapes and styles. Just think for a moment about how many companies have a logo for their brand? I’m sure you can name enough to cover all ten fingers in the span of a few seconds.

No matter where you go there are logos everywhere, and with this massive number comes countless different varieties. And yet, all of them have a few basic elements in common. At least, all the successful ones do, and in order to make your logo work, you need to know why all of the others have done such a great job at establishing a company.

First, and by far most importantly of all, you need to make a memorable design. Not that simple, is it? How do make a memorable design?

Keep things basic. Take a moment to look at some of those logos you know of. Car logos are a prime example because every car has one embedded on it. What do all these logos have in common? Each of them has a very simple look, usually made from only a few lines or a single image, and that’s all.

This simplicity helps a person to easily remember what the logo looks like. It also makes your logo immediately recognizable. A complicated image won’t be as easy to spot as a sleek, simple design.

A great logo is also something that can be altered to fit anything it needs to. After all, you should be sure to put your logo on everything you can, including your color printing, your building, and any free items you might want to hand out.

Next comes coloring. There are a lot of logos that have a specific color theme, but something to note is that the color shouldn’t be necessary for the logo to be effective. What does this mean?

Take the Target logo as an example. The logo is simple and reflects the name of the company: it’s a mini bulls eye. Now, the typical color scheme is solid red, but if you alter the color, such as make it blue, it doesn’t take anything away from the logo itself. It remains an easily recognizable bulls eye. The same goes for Microsoft’s windows logo. While it’s given multiple colors, even if you look at it in black and white you can still recognize the logo and the company.

Design your logo without any color in mind, and get an image that works great no matter what color it is. That way if you’re using color printing you can be sure to put on a colorful logo and if you’re using plain printing your logo will still work in black and white.

As simple as most logos are, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to design. Sometimes the simplistic things can be the hardest to get right, but if you know what makes a logo great, you’ll be on the right track to make a memorable one for your company’s image.

About the Author

For comments and inquiries about the article visit: Color Printing

Article Directory:

Interesting link building Strategy - Birthday giveaways !

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

For all SEO guys who are wondering what is the smartest way to get inward links and that too on your most important day, check this one out:

People expect gifts on their birthday days – but here is Corey who is all about giving away precious space on his blog to people who wish him in most innovative ways.

I am sure whether there’s an intentional and highly focused link building strategy involved – but I would surely appreciate his ideas and wish him a


We at life-styl are committed to help people live a better life. Corey…here are my two cents J

Have a wonderful birthday! Lots of wishes from life-styl team and readers of the site.

Correction :

Sorry Miss Corey and the viewers, I regret for the gender mistake I made here.
Very Very Happy Birthday Miss Corey Freeman

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