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Fatigue A Common Fall- Out Of Urban Living

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009


Fatigue is a common health complaint. It is however, one of the hardest terms to define and a symptom of many different conditions. Fatigue is another word for extreme exhaustion of both mental and physical strength.

Weariness, tiredness, exhaustion or lethargy is generally defined as a feeling of lack of energy. Fatigue is not the same as drowsiness, but the desire to sleep may accompany fatigue. In general, drowsiness is feeling the need to sleep, while fatigue is a lack of energy and motivation. Drowsiness and apathy can be symptoms of fatigue.

Causes of fatigue

Fatigue can be a normal and important response to physical exertion, emotional stress, boredom or lack of sleep. You feel you can’t go on or even talk to anyone, short breaks don’t help and you need to take a longer break to relax. Mental fatigue is caused by any prolonged activity along with high level of stress and emotions. It’s seen among individuals who work on tight dead lines for long duration and carry out tasks that require continuous attention and effort.

One can prevent fatigue by defining limits and sticking to them. Physical and mental threshold of work should be for eight hours and include some music, walk or reading in your routine then fatigue will rarely set in.

For sure-fire cures do this once a week:

Get a massage and listen to soothing music.

Eat light and go for brisk walk to pump up blood circulation.

Avoid phone calls.

Cut open, peel or deeply smell citrus fruits such as lemon, orange or lime between tasks.

Dab eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief or crush leaves by hand and inhale.

Keep a bunch of flowers like jasmine near your work space.

Grab a coffee

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

coffee break

A coffee break is a daily social gathering for a snack and short downtime practiced by employees in business and industry. For most of us, coffee break in the office is an old ritual which usually lasts from 10 to 20 minutes and frequently occur at the end of the first third of the work shift.

coffee break Coffee break generally gives a chance of gatherings and provides time for gossips or a time to smoke a cigarette. But it can be evolved in many other things too.

coffee break More generally, people can use the phrase “coffee break” to denote any break from work in any arena; popular culture often portrays housewives as taking a coffee break in their kitchens. Celebrity magazines use the term “coffee run” to describe people going for a short coffee break in the morning at a nearby cafe.

Most of us take a coffee between the start of the day and lunch and another between lunch and leaving time. This gives you a break from monotony of work place, it signals an interval between two sessions.

Do you use that break to your advantage?

Me time:-

coffee break for ME time

Use this time to pamper yourself a little. During a coffee break you can fix that lip gloss which has got a little dull or just run a hair brush and get back to work. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you work better.

We time:-

coffee break for WE time

May be you are served with a coffee at your desk but you can always refresh yourself by walking over to a colleague with a cup of coffee and speak about issues which are completely unrelated to work. Avoid gossips, thoughtfulness goes around you feel good about being good to others. Walk over to a different colleague each day and be appreciative.

Fitness time:-

coffee break for Fitness coffee break for Fitness coffee break for Fitness

Coffee break will also give you time for some rest and you can do few exercises as well. Sitting in front of computer for long hours can affect your health. Dry eyes, carpal tunnel fingers and back ache are common complaints. Blink your eyes fats for around 20 times as we blink less when we stare at screen. Exercise your fingers by flexing and bunching them several times. Twirl the thumb around clockwise and anti-clockwise. Take a short walk if possible. Stretch your back. Before getting back to work take a deep breath and shut your eyes for a while. Open your refreshed eyes and win the world over in the next session of work.

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How to keep stress at bay

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

There is no shortage of causes of stress in today’s busy lifestyle. Stress is a malaise of modern living, especially life in metro where the pace is hectic and there is hardly anytime to relax or rejuvenate. How much do you value your health and wellbeing?


We say the cost of your health and wellbeing is….. PRICELESS and there are ways to avoid being stressed. Avoiding all stressful situations may be an obvious solution, but it is not a practical one. Many of the sources of stress cannot be fully eliminated.

While we cannot rid ourselves of workplace stress or family needs, we can adjust the time we give ourselves. Your pathway to a brighter future starts today with how to defeat stress, anxiety and depression.

This system is a natural and holistic permanent solution that is drug free and based on research gathered from several highly regarded psychologists, motivational trainers, physiotherapists, personal coaches, nutritionists and naturopaths. You don’t have to go through the unnecessary pain and suffering, we want to share this knowledge with you. Don’t be a victim of stress and depression any longer.

First of all, to come out of those feelings of anger and frustration understand why you suffer from stress and depression.

Take control of any situation with self confidence and assertiveness.

Have a positive mindset don’t get anxious thinking about potential failures rather remind yourself of what you do well and successes that you’ve had.

End the dread of getting out of bed in the morning to face another tedious day at work feeling tired and lifeless.

Reignite your enthusiasm and energy for a challenging and rewarding career and build a deep connection with work colleagues and build powerful working relationships.

No longer allow your fears to dictate your life. Release your inner strength and courage to build your pathway to brighter future.

Boost your energy levels, increase your enthusiasm, look radiant and feel fantastic to get that WOW effect back into your life and relationships.

End the torture of feeling alone and isolated. Rebuild your self esteem and regain your clarity and direction to secure a brighter future.

Create a healthy mind and body that’s full of energy by simply changing your eating habits.

End those sleepless nights! Have dinner at least three hours before you sleep and steer clear of coffee or any other beverages a few hours before going to bed.

Stick to a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, avoid smoking and limit the amount of alcohol you drink.

Get your blood pumping through your body to feel energized and alert. Enjoy spending some time in doing simple exercises, meditation and yoga.

Enjoy participating in your favourite sport to strengthen your feeling of wellbeing.

Attract new people into your life with your vibrant and outgoing attitude and disposition.

Train yourself to stay clam even in crisis, after all getting worried and anxious would not help you in any way.

Stay in touch with nature, go for walks in park or simply water the plants in your garden.

Interact and relax with your family, enhance the quality of your relationships and enjoy special moments that you’ll treasure forever.

Having a pet at home is also a great stress buster.

Relax yourself take a warm bath, listen to music or simply meditate.

Try and keep your sleeping schedule by sleeping at same time every night to maintain a certain body rhythm.

Don’t allow others to make demands or set expectations for you, Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself and understand that you can’t control everything.

Coach - What is Your System of Getting New Coaching Clients?

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Coach - What is Your System of Getting New Coaching Clients?
By Alan Boyer

Coaching Business Building System That Delivers Tons of New Clients

What is your system of getting new clients?

Do you even have one . . . or more?

Do you know how many people call you every time you walk through that system?

When I coach other coaches in building their coaching business I find that almost no one has a system for getting new clients? And for those that do have one, most don’t have one that delivers efficiently. You’d think that, as coaches, especially business coaches, should have one or more systems in place that deliver far better than the businesses they coach.

Well it just isn’t so. Most coaches actually are struggling as bad as or worse than the clients they coach. And it’s mainly because they have never developed a system, or in control of a system they do have. Let’s look into a few systems and some expectations. These are results that I’ve gotten, and/or my clients have gotten. I’m giving you these as a target for you. Once you know what others are achieving, then you know what you should be shooting for in that activity, and can tune up what you are doing until you get to that level. In other words, don’t just set there . . . work on what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to until you get similar results. Or, if you need additional help to achieve these goals, then find you a coach who can help you get there.

Don’t Just Set There!!!

Don’t just set there accepting what you’ve been getting. You can also put these together like you would from a cafeteria menu. Knowing how many clients a week you need to achieve your revenue goals for the year, you can put together a list of activities that total the number of clients you want for your business, and then get out there and do it while managing the results as in the previous paragraph.

Below are just a few of the concepts coaches are using

Speaking Engagements to Business or Social Groups


  • 25%-50% of room asking to talk, wanting more info, signing up, buying something, (based on what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to — in other words it’s up to you to develope a powerful, compelling message that gets people begging to talk with you instead of you begging to talk with them.


  • 1-2 clients per speech


Article Writing


  • 30% of the readers ask for more


  • 40% to 60% join your list


  • $1 to $5 per list member is spent on steps into your marketing funnel


  • NOTE:Now do you have any idea why you should spend time building a list of followers when they generate $1-$5 a month in sales?


Seminar Marketing (monthly low cost or giveaway seminars)


  • 1000 post cards result in


  • 50-100 phone calls (and added to list)


  • 25-50 bodies in the seminar seats


  • 12-25 buying into first step of marketing

    1-5 coaching clients


Information Marketing Letters


  • 20% to 70% sales appointments

Cold calling



  • 1 in 25 live calls results in sales appointment


Marketing is nothing more than



(# of people who see your marketing) x (response rate) = # sales appointments


You are in control of two variables in the above systems,






  • How many you get in front of (that also need you) weekly, and


  • What percentage of those do respond. This is mostly due to your core marketing message, and how well it connects with your target prospect.




If I want 10 sales prospects a week, then, plugging that into the formula for “Information marketing letters”



(# of people who see your marketing) x (response rate) = # sales appointments

( 50 ) x ( 20% ) = 10


If your response rate is below that, then make sure that you crank up the number of people you get in front of until it delivers. In some cases you can achieve that number of activity. And in some others, it may be absolutely necessary to fix the response rate first.

In any case, if you are below the target response rate above, then you should always be working to raise that to the above targets, or even more. If you do achieve more, please email or call and let’s talk.

Adjust the Activities to Get the Results You Want

Obviously you can turn up or down the number of activities and the number of people you get in front of on a weekly or monthly basis, and you can change what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to so that you are getting these same percentages. You are in control of delivering exactly the number of clients you want a month, and the dollars in revenue you want every month.

Want to join us for our next teleconference on coaching system building?

Or get weekly emails on growing your coaching business?

We’ll talk about various systems, and how you can run those response rates WAY up there.

Do you want to learn more about how to increase your coaching business?

I have just completed my brand new guide to coaching marketing success. You’ll also get a free invitation to join a mastermind group of other coaches as they build their business. Hear what works and doesn’t work.

Get your “How to Build a Super Star Coaching Business” for free.

Alan Boyer coach’s coaches, who want more business than they can handle, or at least more than they imagined…before this…..The reports have been “5-10 times more clients in just a few weeks, and still growing.

Article Source:—What-is-Your-System-of-Getting-New-Coaching-Clients?&id=1629372

Seven Leadership Traits You Need to Be an Effective and Successful Leader

Thursday, October 30th, 2008
by Sck

By Jerry Heng

Are you feeling frustrated why your followers are not listening to you, no matter how hard you tried? Are you feeling down because you cannot lead your team to achieve the goals?

Have you ever wondered what is the leadership qualities that you lack? Are you just not cut out to be a leader?

Do not worry. You are not alone. In fact, I used to be a junior manager, and is innocent to the complex world of managing people. But I realized that leaders need the qualities in order to excel as an effective leader.

The good thing is, leadership skills are skills that can be nurtured over time.

Your leadership traits will tell the manner in which you will lead your followers. Effective leadership traits will make that company successful. Good leaders are able to convince voters and followers, and have the ability to lead the team to accomplish the goals together.

A good leader is not a bossy person. A good leader must be a person of good character. Your leadership should honestly perform the tasks and set an example for the followers. Goals should be defined clearly, and a good leader can lead his or her team, to achieve the goals, without violating any moral values.

You need to know that a good leader can motivate the followers to reach common goals. While working towards the goals, the followers feel energized in carrying out the tasks, and they will thus put in more effort to deliver better results.

Your leadership should instill a sense of responsibility among your followers. Your leadership should ensure that job to be done by the employees is well understood and supervised. Also, you need to ensure that you are not emotional, and is able to handle tough situations, without much criticism.

A good leader will listen to the followers patiently, if they have any feedback regarding the tasks being assigned. In addition, you need to be adaptive, so that you are open to any changes along the way.

A good leader should foster a good relationship with the followers. By looking out for the welfare of the followers and keeping them informed of updates, the staff will be able to build up the team spirit.

Of course, your leadership should at times be offensive, if there is any form of insubordination. At times, it should arouse emotions to unite the followers to achieve the common goal.

Jerry Heng is a Leadership Consultant who can help you to become a successful leader, by learning the secrets kept by successful leaders, and transform your staff into winners, and be the envy of your bosses. To learn more about his free Leadership and Management advice, visit his website at

Article Source:

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