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How to jump higher

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009
by Sck

 by Jack Jones

Go top DUNK HARD, hit the ball with Styal, add up to 10 “for vertical jump .

Stand under the hoop and jump as hard as you can least 10 times each set. OJ 4 games each day.increse their representatives every week quicker.The free .his train to go faster than the highest jump is going to go .

Use the jump rope as much as you can alot.Strengthen your help and Abbs calfs.
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About the Author

The above article can be found in my site How to jump higher.Everthing about Car,Pets,sports and Travel.

Lower Your Handicap Quickly and Easily

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
by Sck

by Ben Throckmorton

You can lower your handicap quickly and easily by taking action on the following information.

The moment of truth… the most harrowing time in all of golf….you stand over that three foot putt for par to win the hole and the match. Your mouth is dry, your hands tighten, and… many of you make a fast jerky stroke with no confidence and worse yet, you miss the putt costing your side the hole and the match.

Whew! I began to perspire just writing that passage.

Why is it that one of golf’s shortest and arguably “easiest” shots can strike fear into the heart’s of most players?

Is it because that a short putt counts the same as the 260 yard drive you just hit or the 150 yard approach shot?

Is it because we put more emphasis on the putt with it being the defining moment on most holes?

Is it because most players never practice these putts?

Maybe it’s a little bit of all of these reasons but more importantly I think it’s because missing short putts is just completely embarrassing. Putting requires no physical strength or prowess and “anybody” should make a 3 footer regardless of age, strength, or skill level…right? Anybody can do it! My nine year old daughter Anna can make them time after time. So why does anyone miss them?

I want you to go over in your mind your last 5 rounds. be truthful to yourself. Over the course of your last 5 rounds, how many shots could you have saved had you made all your putts from 5 feet in? I’m going to venture a guess and say most of us would save at least 4-5 shots per round by doing nothing else but sinking those tiny putts. That might be a conservative number for mid to high handicappers and beginners but even so, it’s still significant.

Would you like to save 5 shots per round and lower your handicap significantly? Of course you would… and I’m going to give you a drill right now that will make you the best short putter in your club. This drill is not hard to do but like anything else, it does require effort and discipline and it will work for you if you will use it as I describe!

You can and will become a better short putter, take the pressure off your golf swing and lower your handicap!Work on the following drills each week and you will see a dramatic improvement in your short putting.

As most of you know who have read my instructional pieces or who have purchased one or both of my instruction series, I am a stickler for good alignment and no where is good alignment more important than when you’re facing a 3 - 5 foot putt.

Having said that, here’s what you need to do…

Get yourself a pointer. You can use anything straight that you can lay on the ground to show you the line.

Pick a hole on the putting green that is flat for 5 feet around and lay the pointer on the ground parallel to the center of the hole. Grab a handful of balls and start 2 feet from the cup, making sure that the face of your putter is square to the target line. Using the pointer as a guide, you can easily check your alignment on each putt.

Monitoring your alignment constantly, make 25 two footers in a row. If you miss before you make 25 in a row, start over at 1!

Once you’ve made 25 in a row from 2 feet, move the pointer back from the hole and make 25 in a row from 3 feet. Again, check your alignment constantly and if you miss before making 25 in a row, start back at 1. This self induced pressure will aid you greatly the next time you have a 3 footer to win a match!

Repeat this process moving backwards in 1 foot increments. This drill will not only lower your handicap but also take pressure off your golf swing.

Each time you work on your putting, which I hope is often, start this procedure over at 2 feet and work your way to 5 feet or as far as your practice time will allow.

A little practice and a little discipline will improve your putting tremendously, take pressure off your golf swing and lower your handicap!

About the Author

Ben Throckmorton is one of the brightest new faces in the world of golf instruction.

You’ll enjoy Ben’s dynamic style of instruction but more importantly, you’ll love the improvement you see on your scorecard after your next round. The Golf Swing Secret will Lower Your Handicap guaranteed.

What To Do If You Get An Xbox 360 Error E

Friday, May 1st, 2009
by Sck

 by Westly Lager

Just imagine you are enjoying a one of your favorite games on xbox 360 and all of sudden your screen begins to appear discolored or fuzzy on the tv. Although you are hoping it is nothing more than the TV going fuzzy for a second, the game then freezes completely and you can not move all.

This is a common problem that every Xbox 360 gamer dreads with a passion. However, there are a number of ways you can repair your Xbox 360 rather quickly on your own rather than having to send in your xbox or call.

What you need to understand is that there are several different reasons why you may be experiencing problems with your xbox 360 system. While there is one problem in particular that many experience, there are numerous problems you may be dealing with on your own. To help you repair your Xbox 360, it is best that you understand the “E” errors better first.

An “E” error signifies when your Xbox 360 receives one red light in the bottom left hand corner near the power indicator. Typically this is going to occur after your system has been re-booted. After rebooting the system you will receive one red flashing light and an onscreen error of some sort. These errors are signified by an “E” and two numbers.

If you are receiving an E64, E65 or E66 error, these are all directly related to your DVD drive or your xbox 360 system. This can be an issue with overheating, but it is important you look online for how you can repair your Xbox 360 when there are DVD drive errors. You can try to repair it yourself quickly by simply rebooting the system.

If you are receiving an E67, E68 or an E69 error, these are hard try problems. You can try to unplug your hard drive and play without it or you can attempt to reformat it. If you are going to attempt to reformat it, make sure you have instructions to follow from online.

A general hardware error is going to be signified by an E73 message. This can be caused by problems with the Ethernet or networking port. If you do have an Ethernet cable plugged in, try playing without it to see if it is an issue with the cable.

The most common problem you will deal with is an E74. The most common reason for this error is because the AV cable is installed incorrectly. You can repair your Xbox 360 and solve this problem by disconnecting it and then reconnecting it. If this is not the problem it may be because of a faulty ANA chip or a general hardware error related to your system overheating.

There are countless errors you and your system can experience while enjoying a movie or a thrilling Xbox game. Before you can repair your Xbox 360, you need to determine what the exact problem is. After identifying the problem, look online for solutions or try out some of the simple methods listed in this article.

About the Author

Learn more about solving xbox 360 error e’s and many other ways you can solve common xbox 360 red light issues by visiting

Golf Lesson - 3 Places to Focus Your Golf Lessons

Friday, May 1st, 2009
by Sck

by Maxx Johnson

Well another spring is here and you are vowing to improve your golf game again this year. This year you are even talking about taking golf lessons to reach new levels in your golf game. It is serious this year!

We have all done this before. The challenge is that this goal of improving our golf game is not specific enough. It will help you to break it down to a more specific golf goal. For example, I am going to lower my putts per round by 4 putts by fill in the date is a specific goal. Now you can realize what you need to do to make it happen and place it underneath it.

For starters, we will break the game up into three different areas for golf lessons. After breaking the game down in three different areas you can focus more attention on what exactly needs to be fixed and then attack it.

1. Putting

Putting practice is the fastest way to lower your scores. Yes I said it correctly. Putting practice is the fastest way to lower your scores. If you are like most amateurs most of your practice time is spent on the driving range with your driver.

You can improve your golf game rapidly if make a small goal of making 10 or 20 (you come up with the number best for you) three foot putts before you play a round of golf or to end a practice session. This is a specific quantifiable goal that will make you feel the pressure of actually playing. If you do not believe me wait until you only have to make one more!

2. Short game

Most professionals will call the short game any shot within 100 yards of the hole. If you are just starting to play it may be everything within 50 yards. For our purposes we will call it any shot that is not a full swing. The short game will include chipping and pitching of the golf ball.

Whether you take a real golf lesson or read an online lesson to understand the fundamentals of the short game, you can play the same type of game to improve. In this game, you will need to get the golf ball up and down from five different spots before you can move on to your round, the next part of your practice session or end your practice session and go home. Again this will make you feel the pressure but yet keep it fun for you.

3. Full Swing

To improve your golf full swing it makes sense to take a golf lesson from a PGA Professional. This may be an individual golf lesson a series of golf lessons or even a golf clinic.

Concentrate on the fundamentals of the full swing. It always amazes my higher handicap students to find out that the lower handicap players are working on trying to improve the same things that they are. Like anything thing else, a good golf swing still relies on proper fundamentals

Getting a golf lesson by a PGA Professional is always the best way to learn. However, by breaking down how you are going to improve your golf game this year in to the three different areas of putting, short game and full swing, you will be well on your way to shooting lower scores!

About the Author

Max Johnson of VGS Golf Read more on Golf Lessons Houston. Learn more about Houston Golf Lessons.

The Nice Sports Picks

Thursday, April 30th, 2009
by Sck

by AdrianaJack

Spread betting in the football take less traditional route, and given that just 2.8 goals are been scored in average match. The spread takes a form of betting where minute particular event can occur, or else whether this player can do thus.

In order to make some money with this type of betting on an sports predictions it pays being very knowledgeable about team, coaches as well as players. With internet giving more detail than before about three, it is simple to see why all this is becoming popular with an serious bettors.

Growing in fame all over Britain, betting on the football have the opponents. Few groups refuse to dismiss that as harmless fun as well as point to dangers of gambling, generally citing moral and religious grounds all along with potential for an financial ruin.

But, by knowing personal limits also not getting very swept up in game, and you can make the betting on football another way to put excitement to match. It will be shout for some weeks in case you win huge, so you might want to do betting online, however either way, enjoy an added thrill that bet adds in watching game.

Most of the sports fans have taken an opportunity to put money where the mouth is, and really lucky ones are right! For an serious wagers, one cannot leave that to luck.

The sports betting systems are a way to get over chance factor, and if one may believe adverts. Few of claims are very outrageous, but sports picks systems sell very well and testimonials are very hard to overlook and thus how will you evaluate them as well as separate wheat from chaff?

About the Author

But, by knowing personal limits also not getting very swept up in game, and you can make the betting on football another way to put excitement to match.

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