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Advice on Wedding Dresses and Bridal Fashion

Saturday, September 6th, 2008
by Sck

Author: Aus Mark

It is said that a woman has three significant moments in her life: The day she was born, the day she gives birth, and her wedding day. With the first and second moments, sense of fashion and style is irrelevant. But with the third, looking and feeling your best is crucial! Unfortunately for most brides-to-be, the days leading up to the wedding can turn out to be some of the most stressful, and the end-result is far from perfect. However, it need not be so.    The most important aspect of the wedding is the bridal wear – the gown for the bride, dresses for the bridesmaid and mothers of the bride and groom, and the suits for the groom and bestmen. The number of fashion options available for wedding and bridal couture is endless, and the task of choosing the right styles can be daunting.    While off-the-shelf wedding dresses are often easy to find and purchase, the fit is rarely perfect. Therefore, the best advice for a bride-to-be is to have a dress tailor-made. Standard wedding dress materials include silk, chiffons, georgettes and laces (for accessories).    To look good is to feel good, and so the right match of material and style is important. d’Italia, a designer fabric store in Malvern, strongly recommends a visit to some top-end bridal boutiques to try on different styles before visiting the fabric store, for the following reasons:    •    to be sure that the style you had in mind does in fact suit your body shape  •    in case you might see some other styles you had not considered, which you should try on in case you end up liking them better  •    to compare the feel of different types of fabrics, such as soft, flowing crepe satins or stiffer, firmer dupion or duchess satins  •    to literally move - and we mean MOVE!- around in the styles to be sure you will be comfortable sitting, dancing, getting in and out of cars, etc…this is most important  •    to experience what it is like to wear different lengths of trains, as you may decide afterwards that you would prefer not to have one at all  •    to see what different shades of traditional bridal colours actually look like on your skin - such as white, silk white, ivory, champagne, oyster, etc.    d’Italia has in store the finest in bridal couture quality. It also has optional referral services to some of Australia’s best wedding couture seamstresses. Additionally, recommendations of best fit and styles are available in-store. For those stressed-out brides-to-be, visiting such a store is the best option available to obtain the perfect wedding dress.    d’Italia’s cloth comes directly from the same European manufacturers who supply to haute couture labels like Gucci, Armani and Escada. The available fabrics in-store are also perfect for the tailored creations for bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride dresses. Referrals to seamstresses who specialise in evening wear and dinner gowns are also an available option.

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About the Author:
For more information, visit  or visit the store directly at 61, Glenferrie Road, Malvern (Victoria, Australia).

Sweeten Your Wedding Day

Saturday, September 6th, 2008
by Sck

Author: Prabhat786

Everyone wants to make their wedding day totally unique and special assuring it will be memorable not only to the couples, also to the parents, to the groomsmen, to the bridesmaid, to the guests and to everyone that will be present on the event. Today, it’s your time to make this happen make your wedding the best among the rest!  Traditionally, wedding days are filled with flowers and laces, yes, that could still work but where’s the uniqueness and “one of a kind” concept that you are looking for? Instead of settling to the use of flowers and laces, why not try chocolates and sweets? They will not just serve as an adornment but they will be a truly delightful treat for your guests. Here at Chocolates Dreams and Wishes, you could find all the chocolate wedding favors that you need. Our full selection of chocolate wedding favors includes photo cookie wedding favors, personalized chocolate lollipops, chocolate wine bottles, chocolate candy bar, chocolate covered oreos, chocolate place cards, edible chocolate menus, chocolate greeting cards and groomsmen chocolate gift card. Each of these wedding favors could take significant part in making your special day filled with sweetness.  Wedding give-away such as figurines, mugs, and candles are usually set aside after the wedding. They are usually put on the shelves until they get dusty and old. For your wedding give-away, we suggest that you choose from photo cookie wedding favors, personalized chocolate lollipops, chocolate wine bottles, chocolate greeting cards, chocolate candy bar and chocolate covered oreos. These little somethings that are made from crunchy chocolate cookies, luscious chocolate coverings and designed with you and your partner’s photo and note will definitely retain memories on your guests, making them ponder how the special the celebration has been. By every bite that they take while looking on the picture clips, they will be fascinated by the love and the feelings that you and your partner are treasuring. These chocolate wedding favors could still be personalized further by sprinkling additional colors to match your wedding theme and make it look more attractive.  On the reception area, chocolate place cards and edible chocolate menus could add beauty and elegance on every table. The chocolate place cards could be used to indicate the seats for your guests and the edible chocolate menus could show the list of all the food available to be served. Just like the chocolate wedding favors they are designed uniquely to create impression and good thought on the event.  Aside from the guests, there are other persons like the groomsmen that played an important role in the event that should be given appreciation. To acknowledge their presence and participation, they deserve to be given Groomsmen Chocolate Card that bears their names and your personal note or poem. They will be totally surprised by this and surely they will never ignore this gift.  All of our wedding favors could be made from milk, dark and white chocolate depending on your preference. We could even enhance their designs and add some decorations to satisfy your idea on how it should look.  With us, all your wedding dreams and wishes will come true. You will be proud to show these wedding favors to your guests because they come wrapped in high luster cello bags that could completely keep quality and freshness. They are all set and prepared for your wedding day to ensure no hassles and inconveniences would occur. We want to make sure we could sweeten up your special day!

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About the Author:
Ken Bonine makes  Chocolate Wedding Favors  at Chocolate Dreams and Wishes, LLC - located in Pittsburgh, Pa. We create unique wedding favors and gifts using chocolate and edible photographs. We also make chocolates for other occasions including birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and many more. At  Chocolate Dreams and Wishes … if you can dream it… we will make it

Interesting link building Strategy - Birthday giveaways !

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

For all SEO guys who are wondering what is the smartest way to get inward links and that too on your most important day, check this one out:

People expect gifts on their birthday days – but here is Corey who is all about giving away precious space on his blog to people who wish him in most innovative ways.

I am sure whether there’s an intentional and highly focused link building strategy involved – but I would surely appreciate his ideas and wish him a


We at life-styl are committed to help people live a better life. Corey…here are my two cents J

Have a wonderful birthday! Lots of wishes from life-styl team and readers of the site.

Correction :

Sorry Miss Corey and the viewers, I regret for the gender mistake I made here.
Very Very Happy Birthday Miss Corey Freeman

Tons of Birthday Wishes for my beloved hubby

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Birthday Cake My dearest hubby


Tomorrow is my hubby’s second birthday! :o What??? Second birthday? And that too of hubby??? Can’t believe? Oops, I meant second birthday after my marriage. :D

I have a sweet and small family of five - I, my hubby, my parent in laws and a sweet sister in law. We plan and celebrate each occasion together. My parents join us too.

Last year we had made his birthday full of surprises. The whole day we gave him lots of surprise gifts; starting from the 12am (early morning) by decorating our bedroom, cake cutting and lots of gifts, then in the morning (gift near his pillow) and visit to temple (gift in the car), lunch (gift in the plate) till the organization of surprise outing, dinner and lunch. Was a fun filled day for him (and us as well) J

Tomorrow is his birthday and I am confused as how to make his birthday grand. Actually was thinking since long and also have though of gifts. Infect have already bought them. Now you are getting confuse too as to then what’s so confusing for me? Well, am not confused for gifts but the celebration ideas. Actually, I love surprise, both to give and to take :D . So my confusion is how to make his birthday interesting, fun filled, unique and memorable this time.

For this I searched on lots of sites, but couldn’t find any new idea. Now only a day left… Think Shreya. Think, think and think. Exercise your brain. And yes! It clicked in my mind while was in my research center. Research center? (my bathroom :D , where my mind is most productive and innovative. Lol).

Ok, ok, I know you all are eager to know the plan. So here you are.

  • 12am tonight (infect early morning of 1st August) – Decorating room with ribbons and balloons. We will darken the room and lighten the candles on the surprise cake (yummy strawberry cake which is his favorite).
  • Will write birthday wish on the white paper with the lemon juice. So the paper will look blank and the wish will be invisible. Will put the paper above the lightened candles on the cake before he blow off them. And the magical wish will appear! How’s it?
  • Then we are gonna gift him a new iphone. Which I think will be the best gift. And hope this will make him happy.
  • In the morning, I’ll make his favorite breakfast.
  • Think, I haven’t written him a love letter since long (it’s a love marriage friends). How about writing him a love letter (and not a love e-letter/email J) ! I think it’s the best way to express my love and feeling towards him and also recall our old days as boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Will hide different colored douche roses at different places in home. Will be waiting for the moment to see his dimples after finding those roses! J
  • Have prepared a Crossword of digits, consisting of birthday and anniversary dates of family members, car and bike numbers etc. If he will fill it correctly, we will present him a surprise gift (formal shirt). Just to add fun with the surprise gift.
  • Will go out for Dinner with family and friends, may be at PizzaHut.

Hope these will make his birthday grand. Finally an idea of showering him with tons of birthday wishes clicked my mind. And I was confused till moment that how to make this possible? Nothing clicked me even after giving it a deep thought.

And suddenly while writing this post, I realized it is not possible without the help of my dear social networker friends. Only they can help me make my plan successful. Friends, will you help me out making my plan (of thousands of birthday wishes to my dearest hubby) successful???

A humble request to all my friends - please help me out, and wish him here. This will be the best gift for him I suppose. I’ll send him the link to this blog tomorrow evening so he can go through the tons of wishes for him.

Am sure you friends, you won’t disappoint me. Thanks in advance for your kind support.

Note :  It is the fact and not done in any way just to drive traffic to the site. It is my personal request and not a professional attempt.

Know your ‘type’ of wedding gowns

Monday, June 30th, 2008
by Ann

The first thing you should do when shopping for your wedding dress is decide which style of gown you prefer. Some styles are better suited for particular body types.

Whether you are short, tall, thin or curvy, you will be a beautiful bride.

Here are the five basic styles of wedding gowns.

A-Line (Princess)

A-line dresses are fitted around the bodice and flow outward to the ground, resemblingA-Line the shape of an uppercase A.

There is no marked waist or other cuts in the structure of the gown. A-line gowns can be short (above the knee) or flow all the way to the ground and include a long train.

A-line dresses are ideal for many body types. The long, continuous lines elongate a shorter bride. The A-line skirt slims and hides a heavier lower body.

Fairy Tale WeddingBall Gowns
Ball Gowns

Ball gowns will remind you of fairy tales. The bodice is fitted and the skirt is very full.

These type of gowns are very formal. Ball gowns come with a variety of different necklines and sleeve lengths - including sleeveless. Ball gowns can be worn with or without a train.

Ball gowns are best for slender figures or pear-shapes, as the full skirt hides large hips and thighs.

Column (Sheath)Column (Sheath)

The column wedding dress has a very slim shape that flows straight down from neckline to hemline.

These type of gowns are normally floor length and can be worn at casual or extravagant weddings, depending on the fabric.

Column gowns are best for thin brides. The straight design does not allow to hide many body flaws. This kind of dress looks especially nice on short, lean women, as it elongates their silhouette.


The empire gown has a raised waistline that begins right below the bust. From there, the dress flows toward outward to the floor. Traditionally, the empire dress has a square neckline.

This design is very versatile and comes in a variety of skirt styles from contouring to A-shape. Sleeves vary from sleeveless to flowing, bell styles.

Empire dresses can be worn at outdoor, casual weddings, as well as fancy church affairs. Though it is nice for any body type, the empire gown is especially fitting for small breasted women.


The mermaid dress looks exactly as the name indicates. The dress is contoured against the body all the way to the knee. Then the gown flares out to the hem.

This style is considered the sexiest of the five basic wedding gown types. Because it hugs the body, you must be very confident to wear this style.

The mermaid gown is normally worn by slender women. However if you love your curvy figure and want to flaunt it, this dress may be for you.

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